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Facebook Art Page

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 8, 2012, 12:14 PM

Hey guys! :D I hope you're all doing well. I, for one, am doing splendidly!

Currently I'm working on two major art-related projects, one of which you will start seeing around quite soon.

In the meantime, to keep yourselves updated on my whereabouts and recent work, you should consider following my new Facebook art page;…

You'll hear more from me soon. :ninja:

Featuring My New Watchers - Take 2

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 9, 2011, 6:54 AM

A while back, I made a feature of art from some of my newest watchers. Since you guys still rock and keep adding me to your watch lists, I figured it was about time I did another one. In fact these are so much fun to make I will probably keep doing them.

Once again; Thank you. :heart:

Now click some of these thumbnails and spread the love!

ID by lomonte evening on the ground by csswolfe Colour by Becky06 Luka 'Spice' 001 by xHinchen . If Only . by Memokkeen :thumb261323835: WinturrChilled toes
Red nose
Sparkling eyes and
Teeth white as snow.
Grins all around,
Breath puffing whiter
Than smoke.
A million laughs
Thousands of
Inside jokes.
Warm breath
On shivering fingers.
Super-heated gaze
Watching them hips sway.
Ass first, legs spread,
One hand on chest.
Shocked eyes, open mouth.
Hot eyes dipped into
Warm humor.
palms at fallen level,
Laughing mouths and
Hands patting—are you ok?
Snow soaked
Head to toe.
Laugh a little
Cuddle more.
Chilled toes
Red nose
Eyes sparkling and
Teeth white as snow.
:thumb254579727: In the Air by ramen-tan Mermaid in the glass bottle  in the sea by Sachan06

Artists included in this feature
:iconlomonte: :iconcsswolfe: :iconbecky06: :iconxhinchen: :iconmemokkeen: :iconveronicaisaksson: :icondoehaed: :iconcharlydateddybear:  :iconn0ellez: :iconramen-tan: :iconsachan06: :iconhevsicles:

Previous New Watcher Features
Take 1

TokyoExpo Sep 3rd-4th (Stockholm, Sweden)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 25, 2011, 11:08 AM

Next weekend (September 3rd-4th) I'll have a table in the Artist Alley at TokyoExpo in Häggvik just outside of Stockholm, Sweden.

These are some of my prints that I'll be selling!
Some of my prints

The convention entrance is free so if you happen to be in the Stockholm area, make sure to stop by! :heart:

You can find more information on the convention website and Facebook page.

Comment and get a picture reply xD

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 12:14 PM

I feel like randomly doodling with dA's pictures-in-comments feature.

So comment on this and I'll reply to your post with a drawing of... something. It'll be a surprise!

This is valid until I post a new journal entry I guess. :heart:

Redheads and warriors and lovers, oh my!

Journal Entry: Fri May 13, 2011, 2:44 PM

Lately I've received more attention here on dA than I'm used to. I want you guys to know that I appreciate it very much! While I would love to, unfortunately I don't have the time to thank everyone personally. So I've decided to go through the galleries of some of my newest watchers, and put together a feature of your artwork.

These are all pieces  I've seen something special in and which have spoken out to me. I really encourage all of you to visit these artists - give them a comment, look through their galleries. Feel some of that wonderful community spirit which has been gracing my message centre as of late.

In short; Thank you!

Featured work

Rapidash by SaliencyBias Bracelet, wolfstooth-triangle by StuartLohe festival by Reba Hunt for Shadows by CLMac :thumb194230893: Mariposas by ElenaDudina Bookmarks by Yonchen __Jelly_Fish__Dreams__ by Aaymalia Katrina by MintyDinosaur :thumb208258273: Group Tilty by FrostDominion The colors of magic by periwii :thumb182725640: :thumb183171937: All the girls want.. by Annyaonweb Neonlynxie - Sunkissed Vector by frankwyte81 Watercolor by loudcompany :thumb206122241: Wild by Kev1987

Artists in this feature
:iconsaliencybias: :iconstuartlohe: :iconreba: :iconclmac: :iconheilyaens: :iconeurydicelove: :iconelenadudina: :iconyonchen: :iconaaymalia: :iconmintydinosaur: :iconaliciamariecreations: :iconfrostdominion: :iconperiwii: :icontuanserigala: :icondawnelia: :iconannyaonweb: :iconfrankwyte81: :iconloudcompany: :iconiluq: :iconkev1987:

Enjoy! :rose:


Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2011, 7:43 AM

I love this song. Thought I'd share,

Click here

It's from the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest semifinals. Didn't make it to the finals though.
The real Swedish final is tomorrow evening. I'm rooting for this song to win. It's quite awesome as well!

Time to watch some 3D Tutorials now! :ninja:

Tell me about yourself! (:

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 15, 2011, 12:12 PM

I copied this from bekamonster. (; I thought it would be fun to get to know you guys better!

Fill this in if you feel like it;

Name -
Nickname? -
Top 3 Fav Shows/Movies -
Top 5 Fav Musical Artists -
How did you find me? -
Are you an artist? painter? photographer? -
Link me your favorite work in your gallery -
Favorite work of others on dA? -
Now ask me something! -

Or just freestyle, haha, that works too.

Suggest some Fan Art!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 2, 2011, 8:04 AM

Well hello you guys!

I'm thinking of maybe attending a convention this year. As in standing in the artist's alley selling prints - just to try it out really. But before I can do that I need some actual prints to sell.

So what do you like, guys? What kind of fan art do you want? 8DD Suggestions, please!

I realize I haven't been HERE for a while, but I still thought I'd pop in and wish you guys Happy New Year! (And tell me a little about what I'll be up to the next year!)

I have plans for 2010. Even art-wise, believe it or not.
For instance, it will be the year when I publish my first art/story book.
You will not hear about it until March at the earliest, but you'll know when you know.
It's just something I've been encouraged to do lately and with the wonderful support and new inspiration and energy that I have, I think I can really pull through with!

I'm also going to redo my blog, making it the more professional complement to my artistic voyage that I originally intended it to be. Expect that finished and functional sometime in late spring, or during the summer.

Other than that I have my education to consider which is now taking up more of my time and being more fun than ever! I'm starting to feel like a real medical student, with the white scrubs and stethoscope and meeting actual patients (not just cases but people!) and everything. It's amazing! And a lot of work of course, which is why I need to be more focused to manage to squeeze all this in!

On the 13th and 15th of January I'm having the biggest exam of my life so far, so wish me luck with that too!

You'll hear from me again after that!

I tried this portfolio thing. 8D

Have a look;…

I found (or rather, recovered) a lot of my old art from an external hard drive recently.
It was such a confidence boost to do so - because not only have I improved much more than I would have thought based on memory only, I also didn't actually suck before! On some level, when I didn't transfer my old art to my new laptop but leave it on the external HD, I guess I decided that the old art wasn't worth it. That was pure BS!

So basically this is me deciding that not only have I improved, but I've also always been pretty good. XD I'm just better now. Which is of course not saying I'm perfect or anything, but there's a whole lot of a difference between that and this.

I think artists in general need to be more confident about themselves. Because while we may compare ourselves to those we look up to, there are still thousands of people out there who "can't draw a stick figure", "can't take decent pictures", "can't write at all" etc. And there's still where we were before.

My my, I am having a philosophical moment aren't I?

Well, in any case, this also means I had the urge to pull some of my old deviations out of storage, so I did. You can't see them in feature, but they'll be there if you browse. That, and my scraps (wherever they are, I can't see them!), still contain art from 2003-2004ish.

My old journal entries, however, seem lost to the world (up until nearly two years ago when I returned here, and these I won't touch!).

I should update more though. This is fun!
Well, at least if youtube counts as live. ;D

Go here to see the movie process of one of my recent portraits. :heart:

Take care you guys!
So I went to Britney's Circus Tour last night when it came to Stockholm.

Want to see the pics I took? ;D

They're right here!
So I'm drawing again.

And I passed my Pathology exam. I rock.

Other than that, if you want to hear from me more often;
I has blog

It's in Swedish, but you can comment in English anyway. It's mostly picture posts, so.
Oh and check out my header, it's hot. 8D
That you're an artist, I mean?

Because I sort of do. It's strange, but... I don't know. I haven't been drawing anything real for weeks, just little sketches here and there (but so do lots of people without ever really doing anything more), and even at that they're not very good.

I feel like my skills are degrading somewhat, and at the same time I feel how I don't care that much. I have a much greater urge to write these days than pick up a pencil and draw anything.

But eh. Summer is soon, and I'll probably get back into the groove eventually. Hopefully only after I get some writing done though, but that I can't really show you guys as it's supersecretgoingongettingpublished(someday).

Haha yeah. This is just the way things go with me, which I believe I've said at some point but not to my current constellation of watchers. I have phases - for a few months I do one thing, then for the next few months it's another. It's not so much a block as it is a switching  pattern, and summer months are usually writing/planning months. That and exams kill my drawing skills (unless it's anatomy, in which case they improve XD).

This really has no point other than to say that I didn't leave dA, nor did I create a new account and neglect to tell all of you. 8D I can't really change accounts anyway since it's not like I'll come up with a better username than this one. XD
Did you vote 'Yes' in my last poll?

Well then, here is your chance to make that reply truth! :giggle:

I set up a sketchblog for myself here.
It's in Swedish, but it won't matter that much to you since it'll mostly be images anyway. And comments in English are always welcome!

There's a picture up there already that hasn't seen dA yet. :ninja:

Okay you guys, until next time!
I need to update my Elfwood Gallery one of these days.

It'd help if people bugged me about it though - so even if you never check it, post a comment to remind me? XD
I've been considering the option of adding a sketch/art blog to my domain name/site. It would mostly feature sketch work (ie things I draw in class and in front of the tv, which is where I do most of my drawing these days) and possibly digital WIPs.

So, questions:

1) Would you read it?

2) Would you care if I only updated every few weeks or so? Or on a random schedule?
This is likely to be the case, as I know from personal experience that the little free time I have does not allow for me to take part in super-time-consuming things.

3) Do you think I should go for something else interactive altogether?
Am I the only one who has totally missed out on the new critique feature?

I have no idea what it's about, I just saw some popping up in my message center lately.
How can there not be a news article about this, now I have to go check the forums.

xD Or maybe not, I can just not care as well I suppose.
Though the thing is I'm too curious and I do care. Lol at me.
Hey there!

Recently my old domain name,, ran out due to the fact that the hosting company closed down. It wasn't such a bad timing for me, as I was planning on replacing it anyway (it was so hard to spell, haha!).

My new site is done now, and can be found at

Feel free to take a look!